American Warfighters mobilizes the powerful forces of community and patriotism to combat and overcome critical emergency situations for our vets.

What started out as veterans risking their lives for one other on the battlefield, turned into taking care of each other at home.

The American Warfighters (AWF) was founded in 2018 by a small group of Afghanistan and Iraq veterans, that shared the passions of taking care of veterans and their families in need. We are a like-minded group of Americans who are tired of the sensitivity and political correctness that is being forced upon the American people. Since we were founded, we have established a team of vets and patriots to advance our missions’ reach and build a fast pace national cooperation.

We hold onto the military values each one of us has gained through our years of service. Values we use today to help veterans in an emergency situation. The values we hold close are the core values America once stood for.

The American Warfighters’ brand is a true mark of distinction. When worn it shows people that you are an absolute patriot and you will put your country first before anyone’s feelings.

What We Do


Community get-togethers and fundraisers to help us fulfill our mission of helping local veterans and their families.


A list of local resources for veterans + an online application for those in need.

Get Involved

Are you a fellow warfighter or patriot who would like to help?

Who We Are

American Warfighters are your family, neighbors, and coworkers. We are just average everyday people, that love this country. Founded by three veterans, and supported by patriotic Americans, we’re rarely politically correct and always speak our minds. 

When we see our veteran community in need, we’re going to do something about it.


Receiving check donation

Our Generous Community

Tonight, at the 1-year anniversary of meat bingo at the Corner Villa, the sponsoring company unexpectedly called AWF to the stage. They generously donated $2,000 to AWF for our mission

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grocery cart full of food for a veteran

Busy Start to 2024!

The start of the new year has proven to be exceptionally busy for our non-profit organization dedicated to supporting veterans in crisis. As the calendar turned, we found ourselves facing

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