Camping Information

Ticket Sales start 3/16/21

$125     (1)  Person Camping Fridays and Saturdays Ticket and a General Camp spot with 1 Vehicle.

$150     (2)  Person Camping2 Friday and Saturday Tickets and a General Camp spot with 1 Vehicle

$135     (1)  VIP Camp Pass–  Fridays and Saturdays Ticket, VIP Camp spot with 1 Vehicle, VIP Beer Garden Passes, 2 Beer Tokens

$160     (2) VIP Camp Pass2 Friday and Saturday Tickets, VIP Camp spot with 2 Vehicles, 2 VIP Beer Garden Passes, 2 Beer Tokens

Must be 21 for Beer Garden Passes and Beer Tokens!



Campground Rules and Regulations

• No unauthorized ATVs, golf carts, side by sides, etc. are to used anywhere on the premises.
• No cruising in the campground.  Please leave your vehicle at your campsite unless you’re leaving the concert grounds.
• No open fires.  Self-contained propane grills are allowed in the campsite area only and must be under constant supervision.  No charcoal grills allowed.
• All handicap campers must be able to provide proof, if requested.
• All vehicles and campers must be able to fit into the 20’ x 40’ campsite allowing at least 2.5 feet clearance from the side & rear borders.  Please move extra vehicles to public parking.
• Furniture, carpet & other large items need to be removed upon leaving.  PACK IT IN- PACK IT OUT. We know who purchased the site and if you leave a mess it will adversely affect your future Snake River Rock Festival ticket purchases.
• No loud PA or stereo systems allowed.
• Campground quiet time begins after the show and is strictly enforced.  Please report violators to security.

This is a family friendly festival, please respect those around you wanting to have a good time as well. All Idaho State Laws will be strictly followed. Violators will be warned once, then removed from the premises. Any minors consuming alcohol will be turned into local law enforcement.